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We - Sports Center Jugla offer various trainings for different ages and physical fitness.

Remember - we all came to training for the first time!



Medium and high intensity functional group training, which employs the whole body muscles.


Special attention is paid to the technical performance of the exercises, which will reduce the risk of injuries to a minimum. Ideal for those who want to sweat well and get rid of some extra pounds, as well as for those who want to be in great physical shape and learn a lot of new exercises. Each lesson will be like a separate adventure, because the training exercises and their combinations are never repeated, which makes each lesson unique. The lesson is led by a certified and knowledgeable coach.


Duration of the lesson  - 1h 



A unique training system that has gained popularity around the world.


In these medium-intensity group classes, the emphasis is on exercises based on the gymnast's own body weight. Specific TRX suspension systems allow you to adapt your exercises to any level of physical fitness. Special attention is paid to strengthening the deep muscles and back muscles. It is possible to "burn" 700-1000 calories during each workout. The lesson is taught by a TRX certified and knowledgeable trainer.  


Duration of the lesson - 1 hour 


Brīvības gatve 401, Rīga

+371 22 006 241

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