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Madars is a coach, athlete, erudite specialist in his field, who has acquired theoretical knowledge in the study program "Health Sports Specialist - Fitness Trainer" of Riga Stradins University, but has practically accumulated a lot of experience in his sports.


In recent years, he has been a training practitioner - a crossfit practitioner, previously a Latvian champion, as a junior in powerlifting, a supporter of sports challenges.

He has accumulated his sports experience for years, both with team sports in basketball and in individual sports. Currently, he also has a free time hobby - motorsport, and Madars participates in several motorsport competitions and also in the Latvian championship on the motorway.


Madars offers private training, training in small groups, and actively leads crosstraining group classes. Madars is a person with high standards, most importantly - most of all, who makes him a coach, for whom it is important to ensure high quality of work, responsibility for his work and the client. It will help you whether you want to start your sport now or are an experienced athlete. Madara's goal is to become one of the best specialists in its field, so it is ready to give the best for the growth of the client.


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