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Certified TRX, fitness and athletic trainer. The following certificates have been obtained within the coach's education:

  • ​ In 2014, the TRX GTC (group lesson coach) certificate was obtained

  • ​ In 2014, TRX FTC (personal training coach) certificate

  • ​ In 2014, TRX GRTC (TRX RIP Trainer) certificate

  • ​ In 2015, the TRX FTC (TRX Functional Training Trainer) certificate was obtained

  • ​ In 2015, the Bulgarian Bag coach certificate was obtained

  • ​ Obtained in 2016 TP (level 1) Level 1 TriggerPoint training Self-massage methods: principles and practice

  • 2017 Hammer Strength Clinics Workshop in Sigulda (weightlifting master class with Andy Phillips)

  • In 2018, a "C" category qualification of a fitness coach was obtained.

  • Obtained TOGU in 2019: preventive trainings and their necessity

  • In 2020, participation in a seminar organized by Dmitry Klokov weightlifting trainers.

Passionate athlete. Supporter of an active and healthy lifestyle. Since childhood he has been a professional kayaker, a participant in many international competitions and a winner of prizes in Latvia. He is currently a participant in many Crossfit competitions both in Latvia and abroad. In the autumn of 2020, he participated in the 1st Latvian Functional Fitness Championship and in the qualification of the Masters Functional Fitness World Championship.  


Egils believes that the body has no limits, all limits are in people's heads. I work as a coach to lower these limits.


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